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          英文版    中文版
        Bohai Valve Co., Ltd. Yongjia
        Contact: Mr. Wang
        Phone 577 -57796661 / 057796662
        Fax 577 -67367855
        Phone: 13806833242
        E-mail: 258193218@qq.com
        Address: Industrial Zone Oubei Puxi
        Bohai Valve main products are power station valve, power station valve, electric single seat control valve, fixed hard seal ball valve, floating seal valve, three-piece forged steel ball valve, electric control valve, gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, check valve , butterfly valves, steam traps, plug valves, knife gate valve, power station valve series, oil valve series, filters, etc. 10 series over 1600 varieties nominal diameter :3-3200MM, nominal pressure :0.6-42Mpa, 150Lb-3500Lb, valve drive a manual, worm gear, gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic. Products in accordance with national JB, GB standard, the United States API, ASME, Japanese JIS, British BS, German DIN standard manufacturing and other advanced industrial countries.
        Bohai Valve Co., Ltd. Yongjia experience, strong technical force, advanced production technology, perfect testing methods and quality assurance system equipment. Establishment of a modern PRO / E research and design center and valve research center. This product is widely used in power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, coal, shipbuilding, oxygen, water, fire, paper, pharmaceutical, construction, aviation, research and other fields. And a magnetic particle inspection, penetrant, pressure testing, tensile testing, impact testing, chemical analysis, hardness analysis, spectral analysis, a set of advanced and complete testing equipment and testing instruments, in strict accordance with international standards for the entire production process quality tracking control to ensure that the products of excellent quality and good reputation.
        Company has always been technological innovation, all to meet the user's operating philosophy, quality is the life, talent is the fundamental pillar of the customer is the enterprise management is the soul of business management, with a more realistic spirit, continuous application new technologies, new processes, new materials, and actively develop new varieties, one step ahead in the pursuit of people and dedication to provide users with high-quality valve products and better service.
        Welcome new and old customers to visit us, and you would like to establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation, on the basis of mutual benefit to create brilliant.

        Copyright 2013 Bohai Valve Co., Ltd. Yongjia LUOTUO All Right Reserved. Address: Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province town of North ICP No.: ICP 12045727 No. -1

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